Sri Penugonda Vasavi Kanyaga Parameswari


நடைபெறும் நாள்: 05.03.2020
இடம் : பெனுகொண்டா,ஆந்திரப் பிரதேசம்


Goddess Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari is the Kula devatha of the Arya Vysia Community. Vasavi Matha Sacrificed her life to avoid the bloodshed and war. Her message to the world is Dharma, Integrity and Ahima. The most famous temple of this goddess is located at Penugonda, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Goddess Parvathy had Instructed Sage Naradha and Maya Brahma to construct 18 large towns near Paschima Godavari on earth. So that Arya Vaisyas can live there comfortably. Sage Naradha and Maya Brahma had constructed 18 large towns on the banks of Paschima Godavari River. It was a easy task for Maya Brahma to construct 18 towns beautifully, as he had already constructed many places to Devatas.

The 18 towns were seen shining with glow in the light of morning Sun. Streams were flowing adjacent to the towns and Navarathnas were kept in heaps on the streets of the towns. There were fort with beautifully decorated entrances and gardens with colourful flowers. Peacocks, parrots and other birds were seen in the garden. Rajbhavan, conference halls, swimming pools, flower gardens. Veda Patasala, temples and Gurukulam of Bhaskaracharya were all located in that city.

After the completion of construction of these towns, Kamadhenu had brought the Aryavaisyar from Kailasam and stopped near Godhavari River on Ananthagiri hills. Sage Naradha, Maya Brahma and Kubera worshipped Kamadhenu. Vaisyas came out from the right ear of Kamadhenu. They worshipped Naradha, Maya Brahma, Kubera and Kamadenu. Lord Vishnu addressed the Arya Vaisyas and said that they were brought to the earth as per directions from Adhi Parasakthi.

Bhagavan Vishnu appeared before Aryavaisyas and advised them to follow Dharma, work hard, to take up business and to protect cows you have to live like other human beings, God said and disappeared.